Blogging is about confidence

November 23rd, 2009 § 2 comments

So there’s still something holding me back from picking this up full time. It’s not a lack of time. Not content either. Writer’s block I can deal with, no worries. What then?

I’ve been giving this A LOT of thought over the past few weeks, digging into the reasons I’ve been holding back. It hit me that I had the same issue when I first started Tangling, when I first started Tweeting, when I first started blogging for Tangler, heck, when I first started sharing on Google Reader! It’s about confidence. And the only way to get that is to apply oneself to the task one isn’t confident about. (‘Cept to tackle the task, one needs to deal with the confidence thing…. you see where this is going…)

Side note: How come no one told me this before?! Eh??

Well then, since the issue has been pinpointed, it can be resolved. First blog post written. Next one is already in draft. Vicious cycle begone!

</evil laugh>

In the meantime, any tips for this n00b? 🙂

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