The iPad is the real iPhone killer

May 31st, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

So many people I know who were married to their iPhones are now considering jumping to the Android for various reasons. Because now they have an iPad.

The best of both worlds I say – a device that does apps seamlessly, and one that’ll actually do phone calls ­čśŤ


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Help needed: How would I make a D-I-Y 'social network'?

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I was looking through the domains I own, and one of them set off a light bulb in me head.

I have and I do recall that at the time I got it, I imagined doing something centred around my family. Looking at it today, I suddenly thought of making a social network for the whole clan. Which could number in the thousands. (Yes, there’s a gazillion Rais out there, and where I come from, there’s a very loose definition of ‘family’.)

Would be nice to have a family tree/connection kinda thing, plus a place to interact, plus public and private spaces. Ideas are still firing in my brain, but this is where I’d start.
Now, I’m not hugely technical, and I can’t think of the tools I could use off-hand which do what I want and are easy to integrate. Plus it’d have to be easy to use for n00bs and g33ks alike.

Any ideas? (And no, Facebook doesn’t count :P)

Study: Twitter Is Not a Very Social Network

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Given that Twitter was set up for these kinds of non-reciprocal follower/following relationships, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many users would use Twitter to follow breaking news channels and celebrities. The fact that almost 80% of these relationships are one-way relationships, however, does come as a surprise and hints at how Twitter’s mainstream users use the service more as a news medium than as a social network.

I looked at the slides, and I think the one thing they’re missing is @ replies. From the few celeb profiles I follow and have looked at, they don’t follow all followers back, which is understandable, but many engage with their followers. There is a second level of reciprocity that needs to be taken into account.

Would also be interested in seeing how the big accounts (profiles with a gazillion followers) and small accounts (people who have signed up, looked around and buggered off) skew the stats.

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Perfect timing – gapingvoid

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It’s one of those days. The scar on my head hurts, pulled something in my back, have no energy, wondering what the hell I’m doing here, feeling very very dejected, questioning why I left Sydney and came to SF….Very low, very down, very stagnant.

And then I see that and it reminds me. Still low on everything, but I’m keeping at it.
Back to writing cover letters for me

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