Out of hibernation

November 2nd, 2009 § 0 comments

Well, more of a completely comatose period, but let’s carry on.

Here I am! Finally blogging for myself, first post on a blog I initially initiated close to THREE years ago. Holy crap, time flies. (Still remember the thrill of finding out dekrazee1.com was available. Wheeee!)

Three years… In that time, I’ve written countless posts in my head, hashing out issues, making observations, the works! They’ve never made it out. Maybe it was the half-dozen other avenues available for throwing stuff out there – Twitter, my Tangle, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter…. Maybe I got too bogged down with the idea of blogging. Not the writing part, more the ’10 things you HAVE to do before launching your blog’ type of pressure. Get the right theme – presentation is key; have a point; find direction; post regularly, know your purpose…. Arrrrggghhh! *pulls hair out*

And then some days ago it suddenly hit me. Why wasn’t I doing what I know best?? Treat the blog like a startup! Release early, reiterate often!

All my perceived pressures just melted away. I went and found a theme (there aren’t as many out there as I thought :(), got a title, and blast off!

So yesh, I have no idea where this is headed, it still looks pretty bad, and I can’t even begin to think of a blog description. But I have a url, a dashboard, a title – which will probably change – and most importantly, a place to find my voice. The rest will happen as they happen. Only rule: keep writing.

Oh, and I’m gonna leave that first default post there as a reminder. That’ll learn dek! 😉

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